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Art Trends ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2014

I had some great news these past few days. The Art Trends organization holds an annual competition for Artist of the Year. Each category has nominees which are juried in. Of these nominees, a winner is voted on. I had the privilege of being a nominated in last year's competition. This year I have been nominated in 2 different categories. The categories, sculpture and photography, are near and dear to me. I often work with different mediums although recently focusing on a single medium. My genre is rooted in abstract expressionism and the visual art I create portrays abstractions found in nature or most recently painted abstractions on canvas. My work is influenced by mid-century abstract artists specifically the Automatiste movement. The Automatistes genre was abstract expressionism. Their work was driven by the sub-conscious, essentially letting the mind do the painting. The mind, through the hands, creates the art. It is not based on representational art. This movement fascinates me and has been an influence on my current abstract work. Other leading abstract artists of the 1940-1980 period also influence my work. I'm not sure where this will lead but I am thoroughly enjoying creating this genre of art at this time! My most recent abstracts can often be viewed at my Facebook page: Abstract Art by Norman Pirollo
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