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Nuite Blanche Ottawa 2014

I am excited about being invited to participate in this year's Nuite Blanche Human Library event at the Moscow Tea Room on Sussex Drive in the Byward Market area.


The event consists of a group of human books which can be checked out for 20 minutes. People create a dialog with the artist and talk about the artists influences, art journey, and of course their art. Please drop by if you are in the Byward Market are this Saturday Sept. 20 from 7PM - 1AM. I'm available from 7-10PM. Human Library details are as follows.

Guests can make a worthwhile detour to meet artists

September 15, 2014

AOE Arts Council presents an Artist Human Library during Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau

The Human Library promises unique encounters with local artists who will transport guests into their world of creativity and inspiration on Saturday, September 20, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. The library will be hosted by the Moscow Tea Room, 527 Sussex Dr., as part of the Byward Market Nuit Blanche Zone of planned activities. This year’s Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau theme is BYPASS, inviting artists to explore the positive and negative aspects of this concept.

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