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Abstracted: An Artist's Journey



Norman Pirollo, abstract artist at Pirollo Abstracts, narrates his fascinating journey of transitioning from full-time employment to being self-employed as a visual artist. He faced many obstacles throughout the journey where apprehension about the decision was often at the forefront. Norman also recounts his creative journey through adulthood. Perseverance, fate and critical decisions combined to map out the direction he followed later in life.


Often seeking creative outlets, working as a multidisciplinary artist ultimately became his vocation. Norman Pirollo chronicles his fascinating journey over an eight-year period. Follow the riveting story of how his technology career evolved into a multidisciplinary art career including sculpture, photo art and ultimately abstract painting. Read how Norman, through determination and perseverance, finally attained his goal of becoming an abstract artist.


Read how Norman, through determination and perseverance, finally attained his goal of becoming a visual artist. Delving into and studying art history has provided him the art language and background to develop his own vision of art. Discover how he immersed himself into the abstract expressionist movement to develop a style and voice of his own. Find out how, through twists and turns, Norman acquired the skills and techniques to become an award-winning abstract artist today. The opportunity to work at something he truly enjoys has ultimately brought him solace and independence.


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"Norman Pirollo is a consummate professional artist.  His book, ABSTRACTED:  An Artist’s Journey, will help beginning artists and many veterans alike learn how to conduct themselves in the modern art world.  Pirollo doesn’t teach directly, but rather shows, through his own life story, how the “system” works, especially for those early in their art careers and for those who have centered upon abstraction as their chosen means of self-expression.


And that life story is a very interesting one.  Pirollo came to art relatively late in life, and from a scientific background.  This is not the most common path into the arts, particularly abstract art.  But Pirollo painstakingly shows how he managed to advance, step-by-step, from furniture maker to wood artist to abstract painter.  His story and his autodidactic adventures - his self-instruction in art history - will help a reader at any level place him- or herself in the stream of art, from realism to abstraction and from impressionism to abstract expressionism."


Gregg Fedchak, artist & writer

Boonville, NY




210 Pages, Non-fiction,Softcover. Release Date: October 2017
Publisher: New Art Press  Ottawa, Ontario  ISBN 9780973071061


Available through Amazon at:  Abstracted: An Artist's Journey


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