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Norman Pirollo discovered a passion for the arts at an early age. Following a successful career in the IT sector, he has since embraced his creative side and returned to his passion of creating unique contemporary abstract art. 


Self-taught in both the fine arts and decorative arts he creates abstract art in the abstract expressionist genre. The compositions are painted to depict an abstract scene to include the important elements of form, contrasting colors, light and curves. 

Techniques include brushing and scraping the acrylic medium onto canvasses to create a textured, organic experience to draw the viewer in. Rich vivid colors, curves and intriguing compositions are featured in his abstract work. Norman also works with micro photography techniques he developed to create new media art in unique, organic compositions. 


“I am intrigued by the beauty of abstract expressionist art forms. My work is informed through that of the New York School of Abstract Expressionists (AbEx) as well as the Canadian artists of the Automatiste movement. This opens up a new genre of art to me. I seek out captivating and intriguing compositions to create. The abstract composition, vivid colors, tones and forms combine to create the final artwork.”  


Norman's work is featured in books such as "Studio Furniture: Today's Leading Woodworkers", "Wood Art Today 2",  "500 Cabinets" as well as various international magazines. He is the recipient of numerous art awards. Norman was selected as a finalist for the prestigious NICHE Awards as well as a finalist for Art Trends Artist of the Year Award. He has recently authored and published five books. Norman  resides and operates his studio in Ottawa, Ontario.

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YouTube video of Wood Art

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